Saturday, June 18, 2011

My documents came in!They're back from the embassy. So now all there is time do is wait and believe me, the waiting is painful. I am glad I'm at my mom's house so when the school year is over at least I can just walk across the hall to my sister's room and complain 100 times a day about how I wish i was gone already. The internet works part time and the other half of the time I'm going insane. Plus, my mom doesnt even have cable. She has the dish which has all of ten channels. July and August are going to be some looooong months! Today after entertaining myself on the computer for hours, I planned my whole year's worth of travel plans.So here goes:
1. in December a two city trip to New Delhi India to see the country side and get a brazilian butt lift, followed by a relaxing trip to Thailand. I'm thinking I should do them in the reverse order so I can actually enjoy the Thailand portion of the trip
2. A wild weekend in Germany in March
3. A summer tour to London, Paris and Spain before the school year starts with the money they give us for tickets
4. a trip home for Thanksgiving before the world ends on 12/21/ Im laughing but Im not sure if I'm kidding
So, there you have it. The other plans I made today were for spending the next few weeks of my summer before leaving. i dont have alot of people to see before I go but, this summer needs to be a great one even if we are saving. I want once a week to be my wardrobe week where I add at least one article of clothing to my battered, poorly constructed, unfashionable wardrobe. Second, I want to take one weekend in July to go to the beach and another to visit my homie in New York. Third, I think Ill have tone down tuesdays with my aunt since that is her day off and that is one day I can entertain myself. We always have fun :) Last, I plan to schedule in each day a reading block and an excercise block. I am currently 183 lbs! 183! that's almost 200lbs, and I'm sorry to my BBW's out there but aint nothing sexy about 200lbs!So, as many times as i've said this before and as long as I have been dieting without results, which has been an honest months effort, i'm making losing weight my job. I need to lose 15lbs before I go to Abu Dhabi and another 15 once I get there! Well now that I've rambled on about nothing important whatsoever I will leave you to your previously scheduled program.

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