Friday, June 10, 2011

UAE Authentication Process

SO, I wanted to do a seperate post for this topic since it has been the center of much confusion. I am a married woman without any dependents so I'm going to explain it as best as possible from that stand point.
1. Take your teaching certification, degree(s), and marriage certificate to the nearest FedEx or office place and make a copy of all your documents. I made color copies of mine but I dont think it makes a difference.( A notoary will not notarize an original document for the most part, so make copies believe me )
2. After you have made copies of all the neccessary documents take them to the closest notary and have all the documents notarized. Many states will notarize out of state degrees and documents, contrary to popular belief. Just call if you have questions, but you shouldn't have tomake any special trips to do this.
3. This is where it splits off. You can simplify everything and use ProEx (info in italics)
Thank you for contacting us regarding your legalization needs for use in UAE.
You will need to send us the following to initiate service:
- a letter requesting legalization for use in UAE; (This is a letter that gives
your information, such as name, address, phone number and which country the
documents are used in).
- documents requiring legalization that have been certified at the Sec. of State
- photocopies (including certification pages - DO NOT take documents apart to
make copies) of the documents you need authenticated (for the embassy records);
- letter of accreditation from the University or printout from school's website
showing accreditation (for the embassy's rec.);
- 1 money order payable to ProEx Delivery Corp. for the total of the following
- US Dept. of State fee for $8.00 per document;
- Embassy of UAE fee for $30.00 per document;
- ProEx Delivery Corp. service fee for $125.00;
- prepaid return shipping envelope.

Turnaround time is currently running 1 week excluding shipping. Please do not
count the photocopies or accreditation letter when determining the per document
fees at the US Dept. of State and the Embassy of UAE.


Bill Barnes
ProEx Delivery Corp.
5185 MacArthur Blvd. NW #710
Washington, DC 20016

Or if you have alot of time but want to save your money You can send them to the US State Department Authentication Division in Washington,
DC. Important: Please have the documents returned to you, not the UAE Embassy. You will send the documents to the UAE Embassy in the next step.
4. UAE Embassy
Send or bring the authenticated documents along with these items to the UAE Embassy in Washington
DC for final authentication:
a. All diplomas must be accompanied with a letter from the University or College on their letterhead
stating that the institution is accredited by one of the following bodies: NEASC, MSA, NCA, SACS,
NWCCU, and WASC. This letter does not need to be notarized or legalized but must come from the
school (printed pdf documents are accepted).
b. Money order or cashier's check with the appropriate fee, payable to The Embassy of the United Arab
c. If you send the documents, include a pre-paid self-addressed return envelope.
d. Write your name and address for the sender and recipient of the return envelope or airway bill.

All Done !

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