Friday, June 10, 2011

Why's it so hard to say goodbye?

SO its been a week since we left our home, our love nest. I usually hate blogging after the fact because the feelings cant be captured the same way that they feel in the moment but the only way I could describe the feeling of turning in the keys to our first apartment is, heartbreak. I didn't expect it to be so hard to leave. At the beginning of the year Massachusetts ahd been my prison. I felt stuck here against my will and I couldn't see the good in anything, but as we packed up all our wordly possessions and tried to consolidate the ones that we would be taking with us, I realized that we have been off to a good start as a young couple, or just young people maing in it general. I realized that in fact that we've had a goodlife and that I was deeply saddend to be leaving the comfy little routine and comfort zone that we've established. I almost cried.
Fast forward a few days and we are all settled into my old room at my mom's house. It's a funny little place for us to be because I practically grew up in this house.We moved in when I was 11 and my parents have never moved since. I even found my old work badge from the era when I lived there and when I worked with Jason (my hubby) when we were only 16 and first in love. So I kind of like it.
Continuing on from the reminisce, It's feeling more official now, but not completely real. I think it's still too far off. we're saving for the trip now, we've moved, next week is my last week of school, and I've sent off all my documents. I'm glad I decided to stay at my mom's for now though. I'm hoping this will be the future layover spot for years to come. I'm dreaming big on this one. I'm hoping to possibly do 4 years in the UAE, a few more years in Japan, and who knows where after that. I;ll keep you updated in the mean time.

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