Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fresh As Im Is!!

The title is inspired by Bow Wow's song " Fresh as I'm is".After my year long stretch of wearing wigs to achieve an image of beauty I had to cut my hair. My real hair underneath was destroyed and broken. i've worn my hair like this many times before, but I've never been feeling it quite as much as I am now. I've never worn it with so much confidence. Im considering dreads next but, I like it like this too. It's so funny to me but, my hair changes are always in line with major life changes. i had my husband cutg my hair a few days aftger we were married and it wasn't even intentional. so now for the debut...

Happier days

So after that little depressing blog entry I decided that I should post something on the days that I'm overjoyed to be married. Granted it is literally like week 3 but, since that last post I have been on cloud 9. I think laying everything out, even if it is just a website no one reads, is great for the soul. I've always believed life is what you make it. So why then didn't I apply that to y life here in MA. I don't know but, I've decided to change all that. I have to make an effort to be a little more social but I have a plan to do something fun every month. I have high hopes that this could turn out to be better than living elsewhere even. So i always lay out my dilemmas in a two choice option, like a book I read once.The book had 151 different endings according to what life option you chose for the main character. It was pretty cool actually. So option B is stay here, since we have a nice apt, good jobs, and family here but potentially be bored to death or make it great, or Option B which is move the following year, take a lower paying job in a major city, and see where that takes us. since we're working and have little time anyway I say we'll try option A first. Im excited to post about the potential excitement on the horizon. Next week starts September activities: Six Flags New England!!! I'll you keep whomever posted!