Friday, April 22, 2011


the update you've all been waiting for... Well actually there isnt much of an update. Much like the process of going back and forth before I left to Korea, I am once again all over the place. SO I yet again have another interview for Abu dhabi. I'm in a different place than I was last time and yes i really want to go to the Middle east. Im not even entertaining the idea of staying here another year. I am almost willing to go anywhere but stay here. I have the Abu Dhabi interview in about 9 days and I am really going this time, but I'm looking for plans A, B, C, and D just in case. I think korea is Plan D at this time and Qatar is a possible plan B. Anyhoo this week I've been on spring break and getting all my documents together though it seems i wont have anything done on time. i had to prepare my criminal background check, reference letters, i still need to scan documents,updated my resume, got my transcripts, and got my name changed on my passport. Well ill let you know the verdict in a few days. Im scared to get excited or research anything before then, even though the addiction has slightly began. I feel confident about this, but then again Im not the most qualified person and i could end up with my face broke. i hope this is the start of an adventure for us.