Wednesday, February 23, 2011

and the saga continues...

So... The Abu Dhabi people are going to reschedule me! Its back on. Im scheduled for the 21st. I am so happy!!! A second chance and now Jason is so willing. I feel like this is meant for us. I would hate to get all the way there, and then not get hired so I am keeping my options open. on another note, I am trying to exercise and lose weight but its, been difficult. I need to bring sexy back before August and I only have 5 months to do it! Ill keep you posted.

Monday, February 21, 2011

ATL, Abu Dhabi or bust....Bust I guess

So after Jason pouted and pouted about not wanting to go to abu dhabi, i passed up the interview, which in hindsight is now a great regret. That offer was just too good to pass up. So what about the ATL position ask? we didnt get that either. I say we because whatever life choice one of us makes its going to affect both of our lives. So newest possible adventure.... I want to move back to South Korea. I know it already, I loved it there, and I've already applied to the ybm ECC site and they said lets get the ball rolling. Also jasoon wouldn't be bored there because he could go to school full time at a US school on the military base, or he could join the reserves, and find a full time job on base, but he doesnt want to join the military. I want him to so that i can get preferential treatment in the DODDs system and so we can have more money, because that seems to be the only hurdle we will face. I mean if he can get enough financial aid to cover us for a while that would be great, but until then I have to figure something out. hmmmm... Ill keep you updated.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

So... here I am, sitting yet another school day at home due to the obsessive amount of snow we have been getting. So far we have had 6 snow days and tomorrow is almost a guaranteed 7th!! I hope I am somewhere downsouth next year or overseas, or just anywhere but here. Oh yeah I dont think I told you, Jason has an interview the day after me for the Atlanta Police Department. I'm kind of excited that it is a stateside option where i have already established friends but, I dont love that I've been there done that. If I get a teaching job though, we can do a great deal of traveling while living in an entertaining city in the mean time. I think I can deal with that. Then we don't have to try and resettle when we return.