Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yabbu dhabi du Update!

So I havent been bloggin about the Abu Dhabi adventure because I was seriously in limbo. Jason isn't all gun ho to go, nut he's willing to go just b/c I am really pushing this dream. He's afraid of change and doesn't want to leave his job with the state to become a state at home husband/student, which is completely understandable. He's a man's man and that is one of the things I love about him, but I wish he'd completely see things my way for a bit. One of those things that know one really stresses about marriage is that your sharing your life and there are a ton of great benefits that come with that, most of which motivate one to get married, but then there is the dark side of actually sharing your life. There are the times when all you want to do is what you want to do or you simply want to shout, " It's mine, mine, mine!", but all in all the good still outweighs the bad.
Anyways, I logged on to keep you updated with abu Dhabi. I have an In person Interview on February 8 in Time's Square New York. I think I am a good candidate but, I'm afraid that there are so many people with years of experience that they may outshine me. I mean I have taught overseas before, I am teaching kindergarten this year, I am certified, and have a teaching degree in Early Childhood Education, but I don't know if it's enough. I really want this bad! I'm praying every day, but I'm so afraid to get my hopes up. I've been researching, and talking to people. I probably wont post until next month, but lets keep our fingers crossed!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Abu dhabi or bust

Sooo....I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Jason and I are trying to escape to Abu Dhabi for an exciting adventure in the future of 2011. I need this in my life. I applied to Teach Away a couple of months ago, had my phone interview, and am now trying to prepare my documents for the in person interview in February in Times square New York! The interview location sounds like more excitement than I've had all year. Im steadily praying about it because now that Jason is ready, Im ready,this could be the dream ive been waiting for! If I get the job we would move in August. They would pay for me and jason's flight. i would make 3500 a month tax free with paid rent, and every year we decide to stay they would give me a month's worht of bonus pay and fly us anywhere in the world with a paid ticket! We could live an entirely different lifestyle! Dinners on the weekends, camel treks, sand boarding, skiing in the shopping mall, and all the other stuff I simply loved about being abroad. I have a few hurdles to jump, but I pray that I will be writing you with the details of our flight next! wish me luck.ciao

goodbye 2010

What happened to all the wonderful posts that I'm supposed to be writing about life in Massachusetts? They don't exist! Not 1 exciting thing has happened in 2010. I know 2011 will be different. Two good things that happened are we had our first Christmas together and surprisingly, everyone bought me the gifts I needed/wanted. Secondly, we brought in the New Year happy, together and with 4 other children who are not ours, but it was great! I loved it. I should do it more often. for the rest of the exciting events, on New Years day I got a stomach flu that made e miss the first day of the school year. Terrible!!! I threw up nonstop for 12 hours, had a headache for another 12, body aches for another 12, and i couldnt eat the entire time. luckily hubby sweety pie stayed home with me because I was finished! and now to sum up the rest of 2010 after I returned home, um...I went to work, Jason went to work, paid bills, more bills, bills, stayed home, work, and that about sums it up. I have no friends really that I keep in touch with on a regular basis, and am still dying for an adventure.