Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Tornado in Springfield?!

So Springfield actually made CNN with a tornado today. School is closed tomorrow so I definetly only worked 2 days this week, and Im concerned about the baby chicks in my class. Like that's a real issue. I'm not gonna front. I was scared. I was stuck in the car during the initial tornado because I was on my way to the hair shop and I was not changing my plans for anybody. Not even the tornado up the street! literally!!! Women sitting at the dryers saw the debris going by the window! You see thats the thing though. Springfield always gets tornado watches but we've never had a real tornado in my lifetime. SO when one really came we were taken by surprise and it did make a mess. It ripped my husband's cousin's roof right off so that you could see in!
I was afraid too. On our way to go pick up DINNER in the TORNADO, the sky turned a greenish color and got bright as daylight. It was lightning and thundering. I literally started wimpering! I was about to cry for real. I'm glad it;s all over and none of my family had any issues. it's like it skipped around all of us. Even my mom, and it tore up the rest of her neighborhood for quite a few blocks.

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  1. Glad you survived the tornado, but next time you see that eerie green light...that means the tornado is imminent...get going underground. The cousin's house doesn't look too good, but at least you have all your loved ones after what may have been (and your hair done, too)