Sunday, July 10, 2011

I want to go to ...Beautiful

This post is inspired by the following song: . I'm just so ready to go it's not funny. I hope me being so hyped doesn't kill the excitement upon arrival because that's how it usually goes. Anyways, as for an update I've sold my car, picked up a part time job as a supervisor at my good old faithful summer job (even though I definetly don't feel like working but thank God b/c I need it), started learning arabic (which I'm pretty decent at by the way!)and started writing my book on this upcoming adventure. I think it will be a hit to all who read it, but the travel genre is one that is not very popular. I want to be published by a very popular publishing company, but I'd like to help my cousin out as well. Who knows,we'll see when the time comes. I am also thinking about making a youtube reality series on my life abroad, since I think i will be traveling for quite a while. It's sunday here now and quiet so i'm just rambling on as I watch my hubby get in some good z's. He's so cute!! I'll stalk him with the camera at a alater date since I don't feel like getting well let me not bore my reader for now and I will ttul.

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