Thursday, July 28, 2011

Prison release date for August 11th!!!

Woo hoo!! I'm out of here! I got mine and Jay's ticket yesterday for our 20 hour flight to Abu Dhabi. Believe me these tickets have been long awaited my friends. I have neared my breaking point of patience with living at home, family issues, and my frinking rink dink job which I'm really doing as a favor. I didn't think I could take another minute, so I'm glad I got my ticket. I have felt since I moved back that living in Springfield for a year is like do a jail sentence. You can only dream about the day you get out, and the days blur together in the meantime. I mean I have been so depressed, especially when Jay was against it at first, and I thought I was never going to get out.Now, the time is near. Freedom is on the horizon and I can smile again. I can live my life. We will be flying out of Boston at 7:00 at night,give or take, then go to DC. We'll lay over in DC then go to Qatar. From there we'll fly to Abu Dhabi and Arrive around 11pm at night. Im anxious to see how Jay will take it all in. I anxious to get there. I'm just anxious. PS- as exciting as living all this is, i'm not as fond about writing it but I ove to read it later. Dilemmas. I tell ya!

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